Copenhagen / Little By Little

The Vitality Five presents a new series of monthly releases which harks back to the custom of releasing music on double-sided 78rpm shellac records.  The band now presents a series of “e-78”s every month, of two tracks each.  This month’s release is now available from:


For April, we present the raucous “Copenhagen,” arranged by our drummer Nicholas D. Ball.  A major hit of the 1920s, played by many of the major dance bands and hot jazz bands alike, this one features the multi-talented Michael McQuaid on cornet and alto sax and David Horniblow on bass sax and clarinet.  Moving through a scintillating series of breaks and solos and culminating in a stomping blues chorus, it’s a winner!  The second track is the mellow and sweet tune “Little by Little,” as recorded by the Louisiana Rhythm Kings.  A sweet melody by McQuaid on cornet and inventive piano work from Andrew Oliver round out this month’s e-78!

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