Every Evening / Jacksonville Gal

The Vitality Five presents a new series of monthly releases which harks back to the custom of releasing music on double-sided 78rpm shellac records.  The band now presents a series of “e-78”s every month, of two tracks each.  This month’s release is now available from:


This month’s release begins with the band performing a tune associated with the great New Orleans clarinetist Jimmie Noone and his Apex Club Orchestra.  “Every Evening” features Michael McQuaid’s sweet-toned alto rendition of the melody followed by some very raucous piano by Andrew Oliver and a stop-time clarinet tour de force by David Horniblow.  The more mellow “Jacksonville Gal” represents the Five’s foray into the many early jazz tunes associated with train sounds.  This bluesy and very rarely played tune with a mysterious minor section and great solos by David Horniblow on bass saxophone and Martin Wheatley on banjo brings this month’s typically eclectic selection of tunes by the Vitality Five to a close.

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