New Orleans Wiggle / Boneyard Shuffle

The Vitality Five presents a new series of monthly releases which harks back to the custom of releasing music on double-sided 78rpm shellac records.  The band now presents a series of “e-78”s every month, of two tracks each.  This month’s release is now available from:


New Orleans Wiggle - Boneyard Shuffle

For our third release, the Vitality Five starts off back in the very early days of New Orleans jazz with a composition of Piron’s Orchestra, one of the early jazz/ragtime dance bands in New Orleans.  Reimagined as a small group piece, “New Orleans Wiggle” features the band stomping out a very old style tune in a classic way, with a special emphasis on Michael McQuaid’s sweet and hot clarinet playing.  Then the band shows another side with a cerebral and sophisticated arrangement of Hoagy Carmichael’s “Boneyard Shuffle” by Red Nichols.  Featuring the unusual front line of alto sax and bass sax, the group captures the subtle spirit of progressive late 1920s jazz at its finest!

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