Vitality Record Club Podcast Episode 1 – April 2018

We’re kicking off a new podcast here at the Vitality Five, featuring records from our collections of 78s and those of our friends.  In addition to playing music together, we like to get together when time permits to hang out and listen to old records, and thought the podcast would be a nice way to share that!  Here’s a selection of fantastic music we listened to at our last record hang here in London in April 2018, with all five of us plus our buddies Chris Lowe and Alex Mendham.

The music ranges from 20s and 30s hot jazz and dance bands from the US and UK to some great early British banjo playing, Hawaiian music, and of course the occasional oddity!  This episode is hosted by our pianist Andrew Oliver.  Stay tuned for more next month!

1. Tiny Parham – Nervous Tension
2. Boyd Senter – Not Maybe
3. Friar’s Society Orchestra – Tiger Rag
4. Arthur Young and his Youngsters – Any Old Rags Part 1
5. Earl Hines (playing the Storytone piano) – Child of a Disordered Brain
6. John Thorne and Chorus – Widdicombe Fair
7. Memphis Melody Players – A Blues Serenade
8. Merry Melody Men – Pucker up and Whistle
9. California Ramblers – After You’re Gone
10. Sid Phillips and his Rhythm – Woe is Me
11. George Clinton – Dreams of Darkie Land
12. Husk O’Hare’s Super Orchestra of Chicago – San
13. Fess Williams and his Royal Flush Orchestra – Playing my Saxophone
14. Rudy Widoeft – Sax-O-Phun
15. Mamie Smith’s Jazz Hounds – Shim-Me-King’s Blues
16. Joe Daniels & his Hot Shots – A Man and his Drum
17. Linda “Hawaii’s Canary” – E Mama E
18. Jack Crawford and his Orchestra – Swanee Shore
19. Vess L. Ossman – Maple Leaf Rag
20. Jimmie Noone and his Orchestra – Hell in My Heart
21. Jelly Roll Morton and his Red Hot Peppers – The Chant

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